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Local Education Governance

  1. St. Paul's RCSSD Division No. 20 Website
  2. Horizon School Division No. 205 Website
  3. Prairie Spirit School Division No. 206 Website
  4. Division Scolaire Francophone No. 310 Website

St. Paul's Schools

  1. St. Augustine School (Humboldt)
  2. St. Alphonse School (Viscount) Website
  3. St. Dominic School (Humboldt)

Horizon Schools

  1. Bruno School
  2. Humboldt Collegiate Institute
  3. Humboldt Public School
  4. Lanigan Central High School
  5. Lanigan Elementary School
  6. Muenster School
  7. Viscount School

Prairie Spirit Schools

  1. Aberdeen Composite School
  2. Allan Composite School
  3. Clavet School
  4. Colonsay School
  5. Riverview Hutterite Colony School

Division Scolaire Francophone

  1. École Providence (Vonda)


  1. St. Peter's High School (Muenster)
Provincial Education Governance

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