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Heritage Property

Heritage property information comes from Directory of Provincial and Municipal Heritage Property in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan has 40 Provincial Heritage Properties and about 750 Municipal Heritage Properties. Unless otherwise indicated, all properties listed below for Humboldt Constituency are Municipal Heritage Properties:
  1. Post Office (Humboldt)
  2. Provincial Court House (Humboldt)
  3. Water Tower (Humboldt)
  4. Fire Hall and Jail (Bruno)
  5. Canadian Pacific Railway Station (Lanigan)
  6. Muenster Hotel
  7. Saints Donatien and Rogatien Roman Catholic Church (Prud'homme)
  8. St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church (Prud'homme)
  9. Bank of Commerce (Viscount)
  10. Vonda Rink
  11. Zelma United Church
  12. Watrous Pumphouse (RM of Usborne)
  13. St. Peter's Anglican Church (RM of Wolverine)
  14. Morris School (RM of Viscount)
  15. Christ Church - West Patience Lake (RM of Blucher)
  16. Dauk Residence (RM of St. Peter)
  17. Fritsch Residence (RM of St. Peter)
  18. St. Peter's Cathedral at Muenster (RM of St. Peter)
  19. St. Peter's College Provincial Heritage Site (RM of St. Peter)
  20. Assumption Roman Catholic Church (RM of Humboldt)
  21. Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church (RM of Bayne)
  22. St. Laszlo Canadian Magyar Hall (RM of Bayne)
  23. St. Mary's Cemetery (RM of Bayne)
  24. Holy Trinity Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church (RM of Grant)
  25. Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church (Bodnari Church) (RM of Grant)
  26. St. Denis Parish and Rectory (RM of Grant)
  27. St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (RM of Grant)
  28. St. Paul.s Bergheim Evangelical Lutheran Church (RM of Aberdeen)
Assumption Roman Catholic Church (R.M. of Humboldt)
(Photo Courtesy Saskatchewan Heritage Property Directory)

Humboldt Post Office Heritage Property
(Photo Courtesy Saskatchewan Heritage Property Directory)

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