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Legislative Report
(9 February 2011)

Affordable Housing Strategy
in Development

Our government is continuing to take action to address the challenge of providing affordable housing. We recently announced the development of a comprehensive housing strategy to be completed by the end of June 2011. The goal of the strategy is to make immediate improvements that will strengthen Saskatchewan’s affordable housing system as well as ensure a well-functioning system into the future. It will also help us find innovative solutions so that we can support a growing population and ensure that housing is accessible to all people and families in Saskatchewan. The strategy will be developed by the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation in coordination with stakeholders in the housing industry, including rural and urban municipalities, home builders and developers, real estate organizations, chambers of commerce, and community-based organizations across the province. Once completed, the strategy will help bring clarity to all levels of government, and others involved, on the roles each of us can play in delivering housing solutions.

Since 2007, our government has taken various measures to improve affordable housing in Saskatchewan. We invested $80 million to open over 860 additional affordable housing units across the province. Plus, there are over 1100 more affordable housing units in various stages of development. Our government has also assisted over 360 low-income households achieve homeownership and over 2900 more improve the health, safety and energy efficiency of their homes. We increased shelter rates and the Saskatchewan Rental Housing Supplement and indexed both to the cost of living. We know there is still more to do, but our government will continue to work for and with you so we can move our province forward.

There are many advantages to living in Saskatchewan today. A government that is working toward solutions to provide more affordable housing is just one of them. We are a growing, prosperous province which has finally taken its rightful place as one of Canada's economic leaders. But, the Saskatchewan advantage is about more than just numbers. It is about quality of life – a place where people still say good morning and know their neighbours by first name. It is because of people all across our great province who believe that it is no longer a question of whether Saskatchewan is next year country or this year country, because we are now both.

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