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Legislative Report
(20 April 2011)

2011 Highway Improvements

As Saskatchewan’s population and economy continue to grow, more demand is being put on our roads and highways. That’s why our government has announced the addition of more than 610 km of improvements and 790 km of repairs to our highways and bridges for this year’s construction season. This extra road work is possible thanks to the $556.2 million investment in highways and infrastructure announced in the “Saskatchewan Advantage” 2011-12 budget. This investment brings total transportation spending since 2007 to $2.2 billion, keeping and exceeding our promise to invest $1.8 billion during our first term. Part of the Saskatchewan Advantage is being able to invest in our transportation infrastructure so that we can support current growth and generate new economic activity. For more information on construction projects go to Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure website.

All of these projects are helping to fill the billion dollar pothole left in Saskatchewan’s roads by the previous NDP government. Under the NDP, the Canadian Automobile Association said Saskatchewan had the worst highways in Canada and, in 2003, it was estimated that 41 per cent of our province’s highways were not in good repair. During current NDP leader Dwain Lingenfelter’s last three years in government, he actually told people to fix their own roads.

Addressing Housing Issues

Saskatchewan’s growth has also created more demand for housing. That was the driving force behind the recent Building Saskatchewan Housing and Development Summit in Saskatoon, presented by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association in partnership with the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation. With help from about 200 housing stakeholders from across the province, we are taking an in-depth, co-operative approach to solving our province’s housing challenges. Saskatchewan’s time has come and together we can develop a housing system that will build homes and a strong future for all families and communities.

Forest Fire Season Preparations

This spring may be a wet one, but the threat of summer forest fires is still very real for many Saskatchewan communities and businesses. Our government is taking extra measures to ensure the safety and protection of you and your family by continuing our commitment to the renewal of our forest fire fighting fleet. We recently received the first of four CL-215T amphibious aircraft back after being upgraded to a turbine powered model, which will reduce downtime, ongoing maintenance costs and make them faster. These upgraded aircraft will ensure that fighting wildfires across the province this summer will be more effective, reliable and safer than ever before.

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