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Legislative Report
(7 December 2011)

7 December 2011

On Monday, November 7 Saskatchewan people made a clear choice. They chose to keep our province moving forward with Premier Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party. On behalf of the entire Saskatchewan Party Caucus, thank you for your support.

The election took place at a very important time of the year. On Remembrance Day, we remember those who gave their lives to give us the gifts of freedom and democracy. We honour those gifts every time we vote.

Saskatchewan people did just that when they cast their ballot. Many of them voted for tomorrow – to move Saskatchewan forward. They chose a plan that will build on our government's record over the past four years. They entrusted and charged the 49 men and women elected to continue to provide balanced budgets that commit to helping students, families and seniors. They voted for a vision of Saskatchewan in which people with disabilities receive the support they both need and deserve. They opted for our government’s commitment to better health care and to better education and to continue dealing with our infrastructure deficit. They chose a Saskatchewan that will be 1.1 million people by 2015 and debt free. Our government is committed to keeping Saskatchewan the best place in the country to live, work, invest and raise a family. We will work hard, keep our promises and take responsibility for our mistakes – we will do what we said we would do.

It is thanks to you and the blessings of good fortune that we live in a new Saskatchewan. Today in Saskatchewan, our economy is leading the nation, there are 26,400 more jobs than just four years ago, our unemployment rate is the lowest in Canada and there are more people living here than ever before in our province’s history. We are taking advantage of that growth by shortening surgical wait times, hiring more doctors and nurses, investing in highways and infrastructure, and paying down $3 billion in provincial debt. These examples are just a part of the new Saskatchewan that you voted for.

Today in Saskatchewan, after years of losing our young people to other provinces, our population is growing and our young people are coming home. After years of being a have-not province, Saskatchewan is a have province. We are leading the nation. Where there was once fear of the future, there is now hope. Where there was once doubt, there is now confidence. This new Saskatchewan is stronger and prouder and better than she has ever been and we are not going back.

Saskatchewan is becoming what it was meant to be. We have chosen to move forward, to be a national leader, and to not be the place to be from, but the place to be. There is still work to do, but we are up to the challenge because Saskatchewan people are facing their future with hope and optimism. For they know that the only day better than today in Saskatchewan, is tomorrow in Saskatchewan.

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