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Legislative Report
(25 July 2012)

Economy Continues to Grow

I am happy to report Saskatchewan’s economy is strong and growing. Recently released wholesale trade numbers for May show an increase of 13.2 per cent this year, the third highest growth rate in Canada. This increase in wholesale trade builds confidence in our business community, provides employment and contributes to the overall success of Saskatchewan.

Another encouraging trend is our increase in exports. In May, Saskatchewan’s exports totaled $2.8 billion, up 19.8 per cent from last year. We exceeded the national average according to Statistics Canada, and had the second highest gain among the provinces. On a special note, Saskatchewan’s energy and agricultural products led the exports numbers; they were up 35.1 per cent and 14.1 per cent respectively.

All of this economic growth provides the people of Saskatchewan new employment opportunities. Our latest employment numbers show that 548,900 people are working in Saskatchewan; this is the highest employment number on record for the second straight month. It’s great to see so many people working to build their future here in Saskatchewan.

Provincial Water Strategy 

Saskatchewan has been blessed with amazing growth; with this growth comes the responsibility to ensure our natural resources are there for the next generation. One of the most important resources we have is water. To that end, our government is working to create a 25 Year Water Security Plan. This plan will provide an effective water management strategy, which will deal with the challenges created by growth, while ensuring safe, sustainable supplies of water now and into the future.

This fall, Integrated Water Saskatchewan, will be the new agency responsible for the implementation of the 25 Year Water Security Plan. This agency will bring together water management expertise from the public and private sector. This pooling of expertise will increase our water management capacity and provide strong leadership on water related issues throughout the province. We will see a one window approach for water-related issues that will benefit both individuals and businesses. This consultation document is available on the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority website and all citizens are encouraged to provide comments before the end of August.

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