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Legislative Report
(25 Oct 2012)

Using the Benefits of the Growth

Our government takes very seriously the responsibility of using the benefits of growth to improve the quality life for all Saskatchewan people. When we took office over five years ago, we set as a goal that no one would wait more than three months for surgery by 2014. I am happy to report we are well on the way to making that a reality. Recent statistics show that 90 per cent of patients are receiving surgery within six months and 78 per cent within three months. We are meeting this goal by finding innovative ways to provide the health care you need and deserve in collaboration the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative. There is still more work to do, but we are closer than ever to providing patients with timely surgery.

Using the benefits of growth to improve your quality of life is the foundation of the recently announced Saskatchewan Plan for Growth: 2020 and Beyond. This plan sets out the steps we will take to do that, such as investing $2.5 billion in infrastructure over the next three years and creating the SaskBuilds fund to look at innovative ways to fund building schools, hospitals and roads.

Currently, we are partnering with Redhead Equipment to make major safety improvements to Highway 1 near Gravel Pit Road for a shared investment of $780,000. By partnering with Redhead we are saving Saskatchewan taxpayers 50% of the projects total cost. This partnership is a great example of how our government is addressing the needs of growth while working to provide cost-effective services for the people of the province.

Meeting the needs of growth will be the focus of the fall session of the legislature. Over the next six weeks, MLAs will debate how to best move Saskatchewan forward and improve the quality of life for all people. We will lay a foundation upon which this province will grow to 1.2 million people by 2020, have double the exports, increase its role on the world stage, balance budgets and cut the provincial debt in half by 2017. We will work with you confident in the belief that the only day better than today in Saskatchewan is tomorrow in Saskatchewan.

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