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Legislative Report
(15 Nov 2012)

Importance of Growth

As a government, we talk a lot about the importance of growth. Even more importantly, we talk about using the benefits of growth to improve our quality of life. From shortening surgical wait lists to investing in important infrastructure such as highways and schools; our government is endeavouring to use Saskatchewan’s historic growth for your benefit.

A recent example of doing just that is the recognition event held on November 6, 2012, for the next 83 recipients of the Saskatchewan Scholarship of Honour. At this time of the year, when we honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice, it was fitting that we recognized returning soldiers as well as the spouses and children of injured or fallen soldiers. The scholarship provides $5,000 to put toward the cost of post-secondary education. To be eligible, you must be:

  • A current or former Saskatchewan resident;
  • A returning soldier who actively served in designated military operations in the Canadian Forces (Regular or Reserves), after January 2001; or
  • The spouse and/or child of permanently disabled or deceased soldiers who served in designated military operations after January 2001; and

Recipients must also be enrolled in a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution.

Without the courage of these brave men and women and their families, we would not enjoy our freedom and way of life. This scholarship is a token of our gratitude and respect.

For more information on the Saskatchewan Scholarship of Honour, go to www.aeei.gov.sk.ca/soh.

One of the challenges of growth is affordability. To that end, your Saskatchewan Party government has introduced updated regulations that will enhance and further protect the rights of seniors and renters. These updated regulations mean seniors living in independent living facilities will have the right to use the Office of Residential Tenancies to resolve disputes, effective next April 1st. We’re also amending The Residential Tenancies Act, 2007. Under The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act, 2012, landlords will now have to belong to an approved association if they want to increase rent more than once a year for tenancies without a lease. For tenancies with a lease, landlords must give two months notice of their intention to renew/not renew the lease and under what terms. The tenant has one month to respond. This new legislation comes into effect Nov. 15th. Vacancy rates are extremely low in Saskatchewan right now; these changes provide tenants with additional protection against large rent increase in a short period of time.

The strength of the Saskatchewan economy was reflected this past week in a new report by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the first ten months of 2012 were very good in terms of new home construction. Construction was started on more than 6,300 new housing units between January 1 and October 31, up from about 4,700 over the same period last year. Our economy is moving forward and people are feeling confident enough to invest in new homes. This is another example of the benefits of growth improving the quality life for Saskatchewan people.

If you have a question about this Legislative Report or any other matter, just Contact Donna.

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